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Drawing the O.L.D. way   Online Life Drawing {O.L.D.} is a website created and maintained by professional artist; providing visual reference for figurative drawing.  O.L.D. bridges the gap from the renaissance age to the future; […]


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360º Studio

FREE DEMO CLICK THE IMAGE Use your mouse to click and drag the image 360 degrees. (I) Information about the photo and verbiage to use to search similar images (+) or (-) Zoom in or […]



With each membership you get access to all our content, which includes high-resolution images that rotate 360 degrees with a drag of your mouse; draw from any angle! All images are full color with the […]


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Share your drawing with the Online Life Drawing community. Here is a simple 7-step submission process: Enter a post title: Use descriptive words to highlight your drawing. Confirm security question to protect against spam. If […]


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Stay current on art news and post your artwork for exposure and artistic critiques.

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Online Life Drawing (New Update)

When you need a model Online Life Drawing is here for you. Experience Llfe drawing in the comforts of your own home. Pick the angle you want to draw. Over 18,000 angles of art poses […]


New Update

          9 new 360° images updated today. More poses for you to enjoy. 360 degree high resolution images #lifedrawing #figuredrawing #gesturedrawing #artposes #artreference


New Update (9 new 180 degree cinematic poses)

This is the only place you will be able to get 180 degree cinematic themes; perfect for animation, painting or just practice.  New update includes 9 new images with model Tiara joined by guest model […]