Submit Your Drawings

Share your drawing with the Online Life Drawing community. Here is a simple 7-step submission process:

  • Enter a post title: Use descriptive words to highlight your drawing.
  • Confirm security question to protect against spam.
  • If you know html click on text. If you don’t know html click on the visual tab in the upper right hand corner of the content dialog box.
  • The content dialog box provides you with the opportunity to describe your drawing experience (i.e., inspiration, etc.)
  • Below the content dialog box you will find a browse button where you can attach to your main drawing image to your post.
  • If you have additional images, you can add them throughout your post by clicking on the add media button above the content dialog box.
  • When you are finished click on submit post. Your submission will be sent to the site administrator for community approval. The submission approval process can take up to 24 hours.

Please be considerate of the Online Life Drawing community.  We do not approve of any abusive language at any time and your account could be suspended.

Please select your image(s) to upload.


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