About Us


Drawing the O.L.D. way


Online Life Drawing {O.L.D.} is a website created and maintained by professional artist; providing visual reference for figurative drawing.  O.L.D. bridges the gap from the renaissance age to the future; we call it, ”Drawing The O.L.D. Way”.

With the growth of online art education O.L.D provides students the opportunity to practice their draftsmanship skills and still maintain their day-to-day lives.   Whether you’re a student or professional illustrator, comic book artist, fine art artist etc., O.L.D. can be used as reference for your next masterpiece!

O.L.D. has created another avenue to get virtually the same experience using a live model.  O.L.D. is the only website to provide artist with full access to all our high-resolution images, male, female (nude and themed), cast and écorchés that can be rotated 360-degree with just a drag of your mouse.   Zoom in to any part of the anatomy for greater viewing detail, making it possible for artists to have life at their fingertips.   No longer do you have to pay for expensive private sessions or bug family members and friends to pose for you.

The site provides many tools to inspire artist such as nude, themed, cast, timed 2 minute poses for quick, sketch, Rey Bustos’ anatomical écorché, (which includes a muscle naming technology when you place your mouse over the muscle) and facial expressions; making O.L.D. an essential art tool.  We frequently update the site with already over 700 images and 25,200 angles to draw from.  All Copyright free so whether you’re using the site for practice or reference for your next professional project, you can do so with a piece of mind.  Artist can also enjoy our daily sketchbook blog, where you can stay up to date on art news as well as post your own work for exposure or critique by other artists.

Join the site for a few days or make it your permanent home for your figurative art reference. Stay Inspire and Start drawing now!